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More than Landcruisers

Nick and Cortney prepare for the trails ahead

A common misconception:

At face value an unaware passerby might assume we enthusiasts came together because of our mutual choice of vehicle. While true, this is hardly the whole truth. Driving a Landcruiser is a pleasure because of one common thread: the people behind the wheels.

DJ crests a steep hill in his triple locked '98 as he is applauded by onlookers

A story from the trails:

During the second outing at COTR 2021, I made the mistake of following Knox Barber through a mud hole at speed. He came out unscathed. I emerged from the mud with one less functional the middle of the four hour route. I turned off every electrical system I could and monitored my truck's voltage closely until we finally emerged (and just in time - my brake booster was beginning to lose power).

DJ Harris (pictured below) volunteered to lead a group of trucks to the nearest auto parts store. Without hesitation, he bought me a new alternator and helped install it in the Advance Auto Parts parking lot.

When I offered to pay him back he simply stated,

"I blew my front diff when I was in college and a fellow Cruiser owner paid for me to get back on the road. Now you can pay it forward for the next guy."

DJ's attitude is the perfect example of what separates the Landcruiser community from all the rest. We are a people-oriented collection of individuals dedicated to each other because we see each other, we wrench together, we sweat and cry together. But at the end of the day we know that no matter what the next trail brings, we will be surrounded by friends, enthusiasts, and trucks that always make it home.

To those who wrench, those who give, and those who cruise - thank you and see you in October!

Patch Agan

Landcruiser enthusiast, et al

P.S. A little birdie told me that I should bring a spare alternator this year. Enjoy a few more photos from the weekend

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