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COTR Trail Series: #11 (Blue)

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

It's hard for me to imagine a trip to Windrock Park without running trail 11. It's a short but fun trail that can challenge all build levels. Trucks without sliders on 33s and can eek through by picking the right line, while fully built trucks can give all their armor a workout by choosing tougher lines through the rocks.

Trail 11 is a loop off of trail G1 about midway up the park. It's a bit of a drive to get there from the Southern entrances but it's a great side trip when combined with other runs like Panther Rock, Radar Base, or Carryville Flats. Because it ends near pavement, it can also make for a great trail at the end of the day. Its location makes it easy to add it to almost every trip.

Aside from being scenic, trail 11 has three notable features or obstacles. A double washout and then two rock gardens. There are multiple lines you can take through each feature, giving you the opportunity to tailor the run to your skill and build level.

Not long after starting this picturesque trail, you encounter the double washout. These washouts are always fun for a group. Your clearance and suspension flex will be tested and there's always a good bit of rear bumper dragging on display. Cruisers with stock bumpers always seem to pick up a little trail character here, but the drivers seem to love it!

Not too long after the washouts, you encounter the first of the two rock gardens. It's always an intimidating sight for first timers but if you follow the right line its not bad at all. On the other hand, the middle and left lines will give an armored Cruiser on 35s all it wants. It's always a blast watching guys pick their way through!

The second rock garden is not very far from the first and almost at the end of the trail. It's a bit shorter and doesnt have quite as challenging line options as the first. The line is basically straight down the middle. Tougher lines can be found though, as an 80 following behind me found out when he broke an axle at GSMTR last year.

All in all, trail 11 is a perennial favorite that every skill level can enjoy. Just make sure you pick the right line if you don't have sliders! Check out trail 11 at the next COTR. See you in October!

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