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COTR Trail Ratings Explained

When the idea of COTR first came about, one of the driving forces was to create an event that would level the playing field for 100s and 200s. Having attended events before that were open to all Land Cruisers there was always a problem with what was considered moderate, easy, or even hard... a trail could be rated difficult for a 60 on 40s making it all but impossible for a built 100 on 35s. You never knew when signing up.

So all trails we run at COTR are selected with 100s and 200s in mind. The trails are broken down into 3 categories: Easy, Moderate, and Difficult. COTR is an event for all 100s and 200s, from stock to fully-built and everything in between. The only thing that we like to see on every truck is at least a set of A/T tires and a full size spare. If you are on street tires you can still run at COTR but just know that you run a much higher risk of puncture. Every trail at COTR can be run by our trucks; even the difficult trails have been selected for 100s and 200s. There isn't a trail on the list that is too much for our platforms.

Easy trails are definitely easy from a stand point of experience and what build is required to run them. They are mostly scenic with great views and some type of "destination" like Brushy Mountain Prison or the Radar Base. So scenic off-pavement super easy trails your grandmother could drive right? Well, not exactly. Easy trails at COTR are still gonna have ruts, mud, off-camber lines, water crossings and hills climbs. If you are new to wheeling or spend all your time on pavement, your heart rate will definitely be elevated at times. There will be chances to take harder lines on these trails but a stock LC with running boards can bypass anything more difficult and will be ok on these trails.

Moderate trails are super fun! They have all the scenery of easy trail just maybe not the "destination." For our moderate rides the trail itself is the destination. These trails can be ran by a stock 100 or 200 with A/T tires if you are careful. We highly recommend sliders but it's not 100% necessary to run these trails. Just know with a slip or a bad line you could incur some body damage.

Difficult trails are, of course, my favorite! We have picked these trails to truly test driver skills and builds. These trails are right at the limit of what a 100 and 200 are capable of. Steel bumpers, winch, sliders, and skids are a basic requirement. Front and rear lockers are highly recommended, especially for 100s. Some type of mechanical and or cosmetic trail damage is almost guaranteed. It might just be a scratched wheel or a kissed bumper but it could also be a busted tail light, a crushed quarter panel, or a broken axle. Then again, you might come out clean. The thing to know going in is that it could happen, but these trails are definitely doable in a 100 or 200 and will take everything you've got. Sounds fun, right?😎

So this October what will you choose? See you soon!

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Aug 09, 2022

I. CAN’T. WAIT!!!!


classy jalopy
classy jalopy
Aug 08, 2022

Looking forward to my first COTR. I think I will stick to the moderate trails this time. I really want to hang out with big boys on the hard trails but the reality is that I have a very long way to drive home, with three little ones onboard.

Having visited Windrock park once in the past, I can tell that even the medium difficulty trails are fun and engaging!

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