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COTR Driver Raffle

There's nothing quite like the COTR Driver Raffle. The way we do our raffle is a little different, but it always assures that everyone leaves with a smile!

The Driver Raffle is broken down into two categories. The General Raffle and the Targeted Raffle. General Raffle items are not platform specific and are usually (but not always) smaller items. Examples include: spare tire bags, gift certificates, tool kits, GMRS radios, lighting, universal parts, camping equipment, etc. Targeted Raffle items are usually larger items that could be platform specific. Examples include: awnings, suspension kits, roof racks, drawer systems, armor, bumpers, etc.

One General Ticket and one Targeted Ticket are included in Driver bags at event check-in. Drivers also have the opportunity to purchase one extra General ticket and one extra Targeted ticket when registering for the event, meaning each driver can have a total of two General Raffle tickets and two Targeted Raffle tickets.

During the Saturday night BBQ dinner, tables are lined up and each of the targeted items will be placed on display with a clear dropbox. Drivers have the opportunity to browse the items and drop their 1 or 2 targeted tickets into the dropbox of whatever item they want! Drivers can drop their tickets at any time until the raffle starts after dinner, but once dropped, they can't be removed! There will also be one large dropbox for all the General Raffle tickets to be dropped in. All the general tickets will go into this one large dropbox. Once the Driver Raffle starts, we alternate back and forth between pulling tickets for the General Raffle and the Targeted Raffle.

During the raffle, we have the fires burning and the beer and soft drinks flowing! We chose to end the event with the raffle and you'll find guys hanging around the fires until the wee hours of the morning. Making new friends and saying goodbye to old ones. The most heard phrase that night is always "see you again next year!"

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